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Our story

It was sometimes in 2018 when a very dear friend of Sandeep Wamne (Founder – Sahyogita), Abigale from Zimbabwe was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and wanted to visit India for her cancer treatment. She contacted Sandeep to help in finding suitable doctor and hospitals for her treatment. Sandeep contacted some of the best cancer centers in India for best treatment options & cost estimate. Although cancer treatment cost in India is among the lowest in the world still total cost of the treatment was coming out to be around $ 12000 + cost of medicines + cost of travel + cost of stay in India. So overall she had to spend in access of $ 20,000 USD for her complete treatment. However, she didn’t had this much money for her treatment.

Abigale started looking for funds from family and friends for her treatment. After almost a month of borrowing from everyone she could collect only approximately $ 8000 USD. Now the challenge was to find a centre which is not only good but can also complete the treatment in this amount. After few searches and contacts Sandeep was able to find a hospital having an excellent breast cancer surgeon & other facilities. She arrived in India and fortunately her entire treatment was over in less than $ 8000 USD which includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Also the kind of personalized care and attention she got in a smaller center was much better than any big centre. Abigale stayed in India for almost 3 months and she had to come back again for her radiotherapy. Presently Abigale is totally free of breast cancer and because of her grit and determination she was able to get rid of this deadly disease. She is very happy now. 

Having experienced all this happening with a dear friend, Sandeep Wamne thought to start Sahyogita that can help cancer patients get best yet economical cancer treatment. With little bit of search, knowledge and expertise can treatment can be done in much lesser cost than quoted by big corporate hospitals and a patient can save up to 40-50% of his overall cost of treatment. There are hundreds of stories like this in India. 

Till date Sahyogita has helped hundreds of patients who are battling with cancer find best and economical treatment for themselves. 

For more information you can write directly to Sandeep (syncarecorp@gmail.com) or speak to him at +91 96 1588 1588

Continental Oncology Institute, Hyderabad

Our Panel Hospitals

All our panel hospitals are JCI or NABH accredited hospitals specializes in treatment of cancer. We have tie up with more than 100 best hospitals in 8 metro cities of India.

Continental Hospital Hyderabad Operation Theatre


All of our panel hospitals uses latest technology for the treatment of cancer. We have team of super specialist cancer surgeons who perform highly advanced minimally invasive and open surgical procedures.

Chorion Center for Cancer Surgery


All our panel of consultants are board certified and trained to handle any kind of complex benign and malignant tumors. We also provides advice and support for the challenges that a patient may face on their cancer journey.

our panel hospitals

our panel doctors

"I suffered from cancer of bile duct along with Hepatitis C when I contacted Mr Sandeep from Sahyogita, right from airport pick up to my full treatment Mr Sandeep was always there with us and made sure we did not face any problem or difficulty."
Aisha Mohammed
"My brother suffered from lung cancer. After successfull surgery my brother is totally free of cancer now. We are extremely thankful to Mr Sandeep from Sahyogita for making all this possible. Also thanks for being their all the time."
Mr Patrick - Kenya
“I contacted Sahyogita for cancer treatment of my brother, Sahyogita ensured we receive the most economical chemotherapy treatment in India in a very good hospital. They also helped us get a very cheap guest house."
Mr Fernando - Angola
Luanda, Angola

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Receive treatment plan, price quotation from best hospitals, medical visa invitation along with other details.


Travel to India. Will be received by our representative at the airport.


Receive your treatment at the chosen hospital. Receive personalized care and help during stay in India.


Our cancer centers boast of amazing care along with quality of treatment. We offer a comprehensive range of cancer treatments and services based on latest research and technology. Our our super specialist doctors, nursing & para medic staff certified by national and international boards. 

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The type of treatment a patient require depends on the type of cancer one have. We design the customized treatment for the patient so as to ensure better health outcome and also ensure low economic burden to the patient.


We remain in touch of the patient even after the treatment is over just to ensure he is living a healthy life. In event of any issues or health problem patient can text his problems and we provide free online consultation. We also conduct patient education camps and programs from time to time to ensure patient is aware of all the happenings in cancer treatment and care.

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