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We associate with the best hospitals for breast cancer in India, Breast Clinics, a diagnostic, pathology and imaging service where our focus is providing our customers with end to end breast care services.

Through our trained doctors, nurses, & paramedic staff we are able to provide our patients a unique blend of breast services that include benign breast diseases, breast cancer & breast reconstruction services. Through our patient first approach we are able to design our services as per individual patients need and requirement. Patient care is our focus and our highly skilled specialists work together in a multidisciplinary team to review each patients results. Our centres are equipped with all the latest technology machines along with best doctors for breast cancer treatment in India.

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Benign Breast diseases

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Featured services

clinical examination

With our team of doctors, nurses and other cancer experts will ensure proper & early diagnosis of breast diseases can be made. Patient will meet one of our specialist breast consultants including breast physician to discuss breast related problems.

ultrasound & biopsy

To overrule any chances and for early detection of breast cancer we undertake ultrasound and biopsy tests. These are preliminary tests and overrules any occurrence of disease. 

surgery & reconstruction

We have the team of very dedicated and best breast cancer surgeon in India. Along with breast cancer surgery we also conduct breast reconstruction cosmetic surgeries at very economical cost.

What Our Patients say

I was feeling pain and lump in my breast, we immediately planned for proper examination to rule out any chances of breast cancer. All the guidance and treatment provided at Sahyogita Breast Clinic was fantastic.


I was afraid once I learnt about possibilities of having breast cancer, but after examination and testing everything was fine. I thank Breast clinic for fantastic service they provided. Most importantly everything is managed by females makes us comfortable.


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