Diagnosing Breast Cancer

This section describes how a confirm diagnosis can be made from prelim investigations for breast cancer. Breast cancer is often suspected after developing a lump, or abnormal areas is seen on a mammogram. Most of the time these diagnosis may not turn out to be breast cancer, however there are some follow up tests that should be perform.

 Mammography, Breast Ultrasound and Breast MRI before diagnosis

Sometimes breast cancer is ruled out with all the above mentioned tests however, if following tests suggest some changes then Biopsy should be performed to confirm breast cancer.

Biopsy Types

There are 2 types of biopsies conducted 1) Needle biopsy 2) Surgical biopsy. It removes effected cells or tissue from suspicious area. These cells or tissues are then studies under a microscope to confirm breast cancer by a pathologist. However one need not panic as most of the biopsies conducted also do not show breast cancer.

If biopsy confirms breast cancer then it can be treated by giving medication, or surgery.


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