Dr. Rohit R Ranade

Gynaecology Oncologist

Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center, Bangalore

Gynaecological Oncology Surgery

About Me

Dr. Rohit R Ranade is a specialised in GynaecologicalSurgery from the prestigious Tata Memorial Centre,Mumbai. Further he has undergone extensive training inGynaecological oncology at Royal Women’s Hospital,Melbourne, Australia. He is also trained in Robotic GynaecOnco Surgery. Has the privilege of being the 2nd person in India to be awardedMCh in Gynaec Oncology a 3 years MCI recognized super specialty course.

Areas of Expertise

• Robotic in Gynaec Cancers
• Aggressive Cytoreductive surgeries in Ovarian Cancers,HIPEC
• Fertility preservation strategies and surgeries in GynecCancers.
• Laparoscopy Gynaec Onco Surgery
• Screening of Gynaec Cancers
• Hereditary Women Cancers




Gynaec Cancers
Laparoscopy Gynaec Onco Surgery
Hereditary Women Cancers