What is Hair Transplantation ?

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique in which hairs from one part of the body is extracted and grafted to the bald or recipient site. This is usually undertaken by males to cover baldness and give aesthetic looks to the face.

Best clinics for hair transplantation in India

  1. Alvi Armani, New Delhi
  2. A K Clincs, New Delhi
  3. Medispa Hair Transplant Centre, New Delhi
  4. DHI India, New Delhi
  5. Eugenix Hair Sciences, New Delhi
  6. Nubello Clinic, Mumbai
  7. Anagen Hair Transplant Clinic, Mumbai
  8. Harleys Hair Transplant, Mumbai
  9. Rejoice Hair Transplant, Mumbai
  10. Hair Harmony and You, Mumbai
  11. Derma Clinix, Chennai
  12. Tamira Aesthetics, Chennai
  13. Max Hair Clinic, Chennai
  14. Advanced Grow Hair, Chennai
  15. Advanced Hair Studio, Chennai
  16. PLCSC Hair Transplant, Kolkata
  17. Dr Manoj Khanna Hair Transplant, Kolkata
  18. Kaayakalp, Kolkata
  19. Elation Hair & Skin Clinic, Kolkata
  20. Hairline International, Bangalore
  21. Lakmas Hair Transplantation, Bangalore
  22. Nile Hair & Skin Clinic, Bangalore
  23. Hair Sure, Hyderabad
  24. Dr Madhus Advanced Hair Transplant Centre, Hyderabad
  25. Cosmocare Hair Transplant Clinic, Hyderabad

Cost of hair transplantation in India

Cost of hair transplantation depends largely on the numbers of hair follicles extracted and planted. On an average cost can be anything between $ 2000-4000 USD in a good hair clinic in India.

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