What is HIPEC Surgery ?

HIPEC surgery in India is not new & is gaining popularity. In spite of various late advances in chemotherapy, the general shot of chemotherapy being healing is still low, and the reactions are troublesome for the patient to persevere. Be that as it may, when these malignant growths are kept to the peritoneal pit, Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) turns into a possibility for applicant patients.

A few sorts of malignancies are exceptionally hard to treat. Malignant growth that has spread to the coating surfaces of the peritoneal (stomach) hole from essential colorectal disease, ovarian malignant growth, gastric disease, appendiceal malignancy or from mesothelioma and pseudomyxoma peritonei– known as peritoneal carcinomatosis– are such tumors.

The expression “Intraperitoneal” implies that the treatment is conveyed to the stomach hole. The expression “Hyperthermic Chemotherapy” implies that the arrangement containing chemotherapy is warmed to a temperature more prominent than ordinary body temperature.

Before HIPEC is directed, the surgeon– utilizing standard careful methods– will evacuate every single obvious tumor that can be expelled all through the peritoneal pit. This is known as cytoreductive medical procedure. Following cytoreductive medical procedure, in the agent setting the specialist will manage HIPEC treatment.

How HIPEC Works ?

Amid the HIPEC system, the specialist will constantly circle a warmed sterile solution– containing a chemotherapeutic agent– all through the peritoneal pit, for a limit of two hours. The HIPEC technique is intended to endeavor to slaughter any residual disease cells.

The method additionally enhances sedate ingestion and impact with negligible introduction to whatever remains of the body. Along these lines, the ordinary symptoms of chemotherapy can be kept away from.

Cost of HIPEC Surgery

Depending upon the type of cancer HIPEC surgery may cost anything between $ 5000 – $15000 USD in India.

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