Immunotherapy treatment in cancer

Immunotherapy treatment cures late stage cancer

After chemotherapy and cancer spreading to other parts of the body a women was cured with an experimental treatment that effected positively at her immune system. Hence the point, can late stage cancer be cured ? Now the patient is cancer free for last 2 years. This all has been reported by a US based cancer research team and their results are “a new immunotherapy approach” for the treatment of patients with late stage form of a disease.

So far immunotherapy has been proved to be very effective in lung cancer, cervix cancer, leukemia, skin cancer (melanoma), and bladder cancer. However, immune therapy for bowel cancer, breast cancer and ovary cancer is yet to be discovered.

In this latest study immune cells from the body the patient was extracted out, tweaked as per requirements and then injected back inside the patients body. Women with cancer was 49 when she joined the clinical trials after some of the conventional treatments have failed. 

Millions of cancer patients awaits the breakthrough drug that cures the cancer and relieves the patient and relatives they go through even after spending so much of money in the treatment of cancer.

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