Frequently asked questions on medical tourism in India

What is medical tourism ?

Medical tourism is a process in which a patient because of lack of treatment options or cost difference travels to foreign country for taking treatment. For example patients from African countries like Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Angola, D R Congo, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Sudan, Mozambique, Madagascar are travelling to India for treatment of heart surgery, cancer surgery, cancer treatment, kidney transplant, liver transplant etc. These patients travel to India for treatment of all these procedures either because its not available in their own country or it is very costly or there is long waiting period. Similarly, patients from Europe & America are visiting India for treatment because treatment in India cost 60-80% less than in their own country.

What services are included in medical tourism ?

A good medical tourism company like Sahyogita will provide end to end services to the patient. Typically this is what is included in the services. Patients need to be aware of agents who only divert patient to the hospitals without taking care of the treatment.

  1. Report collection, analysis, consultation with various doctors and preparing a treatment plan.
  2. Collecting price quotation from different hospitals based on the suggested treatment plan.
  3. Medical visa letter processing.
  4. Help in getting medical visa for India and coordinating with Indian embassy.
  5. Pick up from the airport.
  6. Hotel / Guest house booking.
  7. Help in treatment, hospital formalities.
  8. Currency exchange.
  9. Interpreter help.
  10. Local shopping, site seeing help.
  11. Airport drop.
  12. Follow up treatment with Doctor via Skype etc.
  13. Courier of required medicines from India to patients country.

Why should a patient consider taking treatment outside his home country ?

A patient should consider treatment outside his home country because of following reasons –

  1. Treatment is not available in country of residence.
  2. Treatment is available but very costly in country of residence.
  3. Treatment is very costly in the country of residence.
  4. After cosmetic and other normal surgeries patient also want to visit tourists spots like Taj Mahal etc.
  5. India is known for very capable and world class super specialist doctors who are board certified and trained in specialized treatment.
  6. India is also home to 21 JCI accredited & 520+ NABH accredited hospitals.
  7. Infrastructure in good Indian hospitals is at par with any of the best hospitals in the world.

What happens if something goes wrong ?

If proper care is taken while choosing the hospital and medical tourism company chances are that nothing will happen. Till date we have not seen a single casualty or problem with the patient treatment where patient has to go back to its country with treatment. However, even if something goes wrong during the treatment because of unforeseen circumstances our team takes utmost care of you during your stay in India.

How to know hospital is good for the treatment ?

Best is to research about the proposed hospital on internet. Patient can also check hospital reviews, patient testimonials on internet. Best is to check international and national accreditation. Hospitals with JCI and NABH accreditation should be preferred.

How to know doctor is good for the treatment ?

Patient can ask for treating doctor profile and check the accuracy on internet. They can also check doctor reviews and testimonials from other patients about the doctor. A good doctor will be qualified from reputed medical school, will be qualified, will have membership of good organizations and should have published lot of papers in leading journals of the world.

How do I know the actual cost of the treatment as compared to what I am quoted ?

Now a days average prices of almost all the procedures are mentioned online. Although cost of treatment differ from individual to individual but basis cost of investigations, procedure, OT, Anesthesia charges remain same. Prices can vary depending upon the quality or kind of hospital you have decided to take the treatment.

What is the cost difference between different countries for medical procedures ?

Here’s a chart which gives an idea about cost difference in different countries.

Treatment Cost Comparison
ProceduresUS ($)Costa Rica ($)India ($)Korea ($)Mexico ($)Thailand ($)Malaysia ($)
Heart Bypass$144,000$25,000$5,200$28,900$27,000$15,121$11,430
Heart Valve Replacement$170,000$30,000$5,500$43,500$18,000$21,212$10,580
Hip Replacement$50,000$12,500$7,000$14,120$13,000$7,879$7,500
Hip Resurfacing$50,000$12,500$7,000$15,600$15,000$15,152$12,350
Knee Replacement$50,000$11,500$6,200$19,800$12,000$12,297$7,000
Spinal Fusion$100,000$11,500$6,500$15,400$12,000$9,091$6,000
Dental Implant$2,800$900$1,000$4,200$1,800$3,636$345
Lap Band$30,000$8,500$3,000N/A$6,500$11,515N/A
Breast Implants$10,000$3,800$3,500$12,500$3,500$2,727N/A
Face Lift$15,000$6,000$4,000$15,300$4,900$3,697$3,440
Gastric Sleeve$28,700$10,500$5,000N/A$9,995$13,636N/A
Gastric Bypass$32,972$12,500$5,000N/A$10,950$16,667$9,450
Tummy Tuck$9,750$5,300$3,000N/A$4,025$5,000N/A
Lasik (both eyes)$4,400$1,800$500$6,000$1,995$1,818$477
Cornea (both eyes)N/A$4,200N/A$7,000N/A$1,800N/A
IVF TreatmentN/A$2,800$3,250$2,180$3,950$9,091$3,819

* These are standard prices. Prices may vary from individual to individual depending upon treatment requirement and complications.

Why is medical treatment cheaper in India ?

Medical treatment is cheaper in India because of following reasons –

  1. Traditionally healthcare and medical treatment has been cheaper in India from many many years and thus that flow is still maintained.
  2. Paramedic in India is very cheap.
  3. India is hub for many medicine manufacturing units and as medicines are locally manufactures they are very cheap. This effects the cost of overall treatment.
  4. There is an sudden increase in private and corporate hospitals in India in last 2 decades giving rise to competition among hospitals and this cost reduction.

Can I get quality treatment in India ?

Yes, you will surely get quality treatment in India. As we wrote earlier doctors in India are board certified and professionally trained to handle any complex cases. Infrastructure and use of latest technology in corporate hospitals is very much prevalent these days. Specialists in India uses global standard of treatment.

Are Indian hospitals good enough for complex treatments ?

India is home to 21 JCI accredited hospital. This itself suggest they are technically and infrastructure is capable to handle complex treatment.

How should I correspond with the doctor from foreign country ?

You can correspond with the doctor via Skype, or WhatsApp or any online medium.

Are hospitals in India safe ?

Yes, hospitals in India are very safe. That’s the reason more than 250,000 patients from across the world comes to India for medical treatment. Medical tourism in India is growing @ 25% per anum.

Is India a safe country to visit for medical treatment ?

India a very safe country to visit not only for treatment but also for tourism. Tourism in India is increasing day by day. More and more people from different parts of the world are visiting India for different purposes. With strict rules and regulations, India is a very safe country.

How can I be safe to travel back after surgical procedure ?

Doctor’s and hospital will provide you with fit to fly certificate once patient is totally treated and he is fit to fly back to his destination.

How genuine is Sahyogita ?

Sahyogita is professionally managed healthcare company & Top Medical Tourism company in India. Company is registered under Indian Companies Act 1952. Its a legal entity playing all the taxes on time. Chorion Healthcare teams up with Indo African Healthcare & Education Foundation to help patients from Africa in education and treatment. Sahyogita is also member of Indian Medical Tourism Association.

Why should a patient choose medical tourism company ?

Patient should choose medical tourism company like Sahyogita because of following reasons :

  1. End to end service provider.
  2. Cost of treatment with or without medical tourism company remain same.
  3. Provides price quotes from many hospitals depending upon the treatment requirement.
  4. Provides other related services like hotel / guest house booking, currency exchange, interpreter services, legal help, local sim card help etc.
  5. Completes hospital formalities.
  6. Ensures patient doesn’t need to wait for treatment.

Why should a patient choose Sahyogita ?

Patients should choose Sahyogita because of following reasons –

  1. Professionally managed, registered, genuine tax payer company.
  2. We do not charge any fees from the patient.
  3. 20+ years of experience in treating cancer.
  4. Tie up with 50+ hospitals, 200+ specialists doctors for treatment of cancer.
  5. End to end hassle free services.
  6. Our specialists monitor the treatment provided so that there is no issues in the treatment.
  7. We ensure patient need not pay more than quoted price.
  8. We also provide legal help to the patients in case of any medical issues with the hospital.
  9. All allied services like airport pickup, interpreter services, currency exchange services, hotel/guest house booking services, taxi services are provided absolutely free of cost.
  10. Above all Sahyogita provides personalized care to the patient with human touch.

Can I speak with a past patient about their experience in India ?

Yes, on request we provide past patient testimonials. If patient agrees we also provide details of past patient to speak with.

Can I speak with a past patient about their experience with Sahyogita ?

Yes you can speak with our past patients if patient like to speak.

How long I have to remain in the country of treatment after my procedure ?

It depend upon procedure to procedure. Medical visa is granted for 3 months to 1 year (with multiple entries) depending upon the treatment.

How can I contact Sahyogita ?

You can contact Sahyogita by clicking here . You can also call us at +91 96 1588 1588. You can also send patient reports on above numbers on WhatsApp or Imo.

How will I get medical visa to India ?

Procedure varies from country to country, please check our blogs on this link 

There are articles detailing the entire process, documents required, fees and other details about Indian medical visa requirements from different countries.

In how many days medical visa to India is issued ?

It depends upon country to country, typically takes 2-3 days to get Indian medical visa.

What if I arrive in India and don’t want to go ahead with my treatment ?

Taking treatment in India is totally your prerogative. If you do not wish to take treatment after arriving here, you are free to go back to your country.

How many attendants are allowed in medical visa to India ?

2 attendants are allowed in medical visa to India.

Who will make arrangements for my flight ?

Patient need to make self arrangements for flight.

Who will make arrangements for my stay in India outside hospital ?

Chorion Healthcare will help you in arranging you stay outside the hospital. You can directly pay to the hotel / guest house.

How can I exchange my currency to Indian currency in India ?

There are many currency exchange counters available in India. You can choose any counter to exchange currency.

How does hospital in India accept payments ?

Hospitals in India accept following mode of payments :

  • Cash up to $ 3000 USD.
  • Credit Debit card.
  • Direct transfer to bank.

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