Thigh lift surgery in India is now a days performed across cosmetic & multi specialty hospitals. Its among the common form of cosmetic surgery performed to look young & remove access fat thereby reducing weight.

What is thigh lift surgery ?

Thigh lift surgery is a cosmetic surgical process in which excess fat is removed from things. This is usually done after liposuction to reduce body weight and provide good looks to the body. This is often desirable after substantial or bariatric weight loss or in individuals for whom dieting and exercise have failed to reduce excess tissue in their upper thighs.

Best hospitals for thigh lift surgery in India

  1. Apollo cosmetic centre, Chennai
  2. Radiance cosmetic centre, New Delhi
  3. Dr Vivek Kumar, Delhi
  4. Gorzeous looks, (Dr Charu Sharma) New Delhi
  5. Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi
  6. Image medical centre ( Dr Anup Dheer), New Delhi
  7. BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi
  8. Olmec Cosmetic surgery center, New Delhi
  9. Cosmetic surgery clinic (Dr Manoj Khanna), Kolkata
  10. Cosmetic & plastic surgery centre, Kolkata (Dr Arindam Sarkar)
  11. The cosmetic surgery Institute, Mumbai
  12. Skin and Shape clinic, Mumbai
  13. Dr Milan Doshi cosmetic & plastic surgery clinic, Mumbai
  14. Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai
  15. Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyan, Columbia Asia, Bangalore
  16. Dr karishma Kagodu, Bangalore
  17. BGS Gleneagles Hospital, Bangalore
  18. Dr Shettys Cosmetic Centre, Bangalore
  19. The Taulins Clinic, Bangalore
  20. Aesthetic plus clinic, Bangalore
  21. Curls & Curves cosmetic surgery centre, Bangalore
  22. Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Bangalore
  23. Cosmoglitz (Chennai Plastic Surgery) Dr Karthik Ram, Chennai
  24. Global Health City, Chennai
  25. Raj cosmetic & plastic surgery centre, Chennai
  26. Desire Aesthetics, Chennai
  27. Tamira Life, Chennai
  28. Live Life Hospitals, Hyderabad ( Bariatric Surgeon)
  29. Redefine hair transplant and plastic surgery centre, Hyderabad
  30. Medini Cosmetic Surgery, Hyderabad
  31. Sriroop Cosmetic surgery & cosmetology Centre, Hyderabad
  32. Ojas Aesthetics, Hyderabad

Cost of thigh lift surgery in India

Cost of thigh lift surgery is approximately $ 3000-3500 USD  in a good hospital in India. 2 day hospital stay is required in this procedure.

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