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Why to choose India as treatment destination ?

  1. Economical treatment option – The cost of medical treatment is lowest in the world. It is estimated that a patient from western nation saves as much as 60-80% of money by travelling to India. This remains true even for additional expenses like travel, lodging, food etc.
  2. Availability of top doctors – Doctors in India are known for their experience and skills. Majority of them are trained abroad. They hold experience in majority of complex treatments.
  3. Internationally accredited hospital – Most of the major hospitals are accredited by international & national bodies like JCI, NABH etc.
  4. No waiting period – Patients don’t have to wait for appointment etc. With so many good quality accredited hospitals in India, waiting period is almost nil.
  5. Easy to travel – Delhi International Airport has now become an international hub of travelers. There is easy flight connectivity from round the globe to Delhi. 
  6. Dedicated patient care manager.
  7. Leisure destination – Patients can always combine their medical treatment with local site seeing like Taj Mahal tour which is hardly 3 hrs journey from New Delhi.
  8. Care – Be assured with Chorion Healthcare, patients get amazing care.
  9. Zero Waiting Period – Immediate appointment for foreign patients and almost zero waiting period.

Medical tourism in India


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Accredited hospitals

Board certified doctors

1000+ Patients Treated

  • Get free consultation & cost estimate
  • Save up to 80% on your treatment.
  • Free pick up and drop from the airport.
  • Dedicated patient care manager.
  • Immediate consultation, zero waiting.*
  • Medical visa assistance & letter.


Continental Oncology Institute, Hyderabad

Our Panel Hospitals

All our panel hospitals are JCI or NABH accredited hospitals specializes in treatment of cancer. We have tie up with more than 100 best hospitals in 8 metro cities of India.

Continental Hospital Hyderabad Operation Theatre


All of our panel hospitals uses latest technology for the treatment of cancer. We have team of super specialist cancer surgeons who perform highly advanced minimally invasive and open surgical procedures.

Chorion Center for Cancer Surgery


All our panel of consultants are board certified and trained to handle any kind of complex benign and malignant tumors. We also provides advice and support for the challenges that a patient may face on their cancer journey.

our panel hospitals

our panel doctors


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